With a century of combined construction experience and expertise, our construction team works to implement the integrated designs provided by our engineers. Services our construction team provide include:

  • New track construction
  • Track rehabilitation
  • Inspections
  • Mechanized rail relay
  • Surfacing and tie production
  • Panelized turnout and cross-over
  • Construction and installation
  • Grade crossing and warning
  • Device installation
  • Specialty rail installation such as crane rails or historic sites
  • Track construction equipment and materials
  • Emergency response including track inspections, emergency repairs and derailments
  • Traffic control

When combined with our cohesive engineering and design process, our construction team provides project fabrication that is efficient, speedy, and safe. Our construction team is in constant communication with our engineers, which ensures high quality and uninterrupted construction. Our construction team is highly skilled in the use of industry standard and specialized equipment such as the Jackson 6700 Production and Switch Tamper. Additionally, we keep our equipment staged at all hours of the day and keep a ready stock of materials to provide immediate response in the event of a derailment or emergency repair.