Geospatial Mapping

360 Rail Services offers the best minds and the most skilled hands to conduct surveys that ensure you get the highest level of accuracy and precision that will help in your decision-making for your engineering or construction projects.

Ensuring your Geospatial project works perfectly

360 Rail Services Geospatial Group uses the latest methods and most advanced technology to collect data that supplement engineering and construction projects throughout North America.

Our team covers your needs, from a basic topographic survey to the most developed GIS database.


Industry-Leading Processes

Different projects have different needs. Our geospatial team will develop a thorough understanding of your needs and use that understanding to create a project delivery plan which will determine the type of sensors used, the type of deliverables, and the level of detail to which we develop deliverables.

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We'll use the most advanced sensors to collect the data you require and develop that rich data into a highly accurate set of deliverables. With our products, we often only need to collect data once for a given site.

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360 Rail Services Geospatial Experts
Experts in Mapping Train Network Systems

Our Expert Approach To Laser Scans

Our laser scans are so dense with high-accuracy data that we can often return to the same point cloud for additional extractions.

We capture and render track structures, signal structures, wirelines, roadways, and more with incredible resolution and accuracy. Visit our Geospatial Scan Library and see it for yourself, right in your web browser.


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"Our mission is to create value for our customers by understanding their needs, developing creative solutions, and safely executing the vision."

360 Rail Services uses the latest and most advanced technology that covers your engineering and construction needs.

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art technology to collect comprehensive data applicable to engineering and construction projects.
  • Develops a project delivery plan tailored to client needs.
  • Employs advanced sensors and cutting-edge data sets to create highly accurate, reliable deliverables.
  • Offers the ability to revisit the same laser scans for additional extractions.

We Surpassed Expectations On These Railway Projects

The 360 Rail Services expert team delivers outstanding solutions and provides value to every project.

Crude Oil Unloading Facility

Crude Oil Unloading Facility

360 Rail Services' expert team helped to accelerate the construction schedule of this New Orelans facility from 18 months to 8 months.

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Cheyenne Logistics Park

Cheyenne Logistics Park

360 Rail Services coordinated with state, municipal, military and railway stakeholders.

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Grain Transloading Facility

Grain Transloading Facility

Our experienced engineers and construction team overcame space limitations to create this facility capable of supporting an entire unit train in Alliance, NE.

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