Unlock Insights with Automated Track Monitoring, Data Processing and Visualization

In the world of railroad infrastructure, safety and efficiency are paramount. That's why 360 Rail Services is at the forefront of innovation, offering state-of-the-art Automated Track Monitoring designed to keep your tracks safe and your operations running smoothly.

Our system harnesses the latest technology, ensuring continuous and precise monitoring of your track's geometry 24/7 over months or years on end. With automatic data collection and processing, instant alerts, and intuitive data visualization, you'll have unparalleled insight into the real-time health, safety, and operability of your track infrastructure.

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Enhanced Confidence with Data

We understand that maintaining precise track geometry is critical to keeping your business running and your workforce safe. Our system measures alignment, cross-level, and longitudinal profile, multiple times per hour to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Replace uncertainty with automated data collection, trend analysis and reporting to enhance track safety and minimize operational downtime.

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Immediate Issue Detection

Our system works tirelessly to safeguard your assets. The moment a track related issue arises, our sensors will automatically send alerts via text and email, giving you the critical information you need to take swift action and immediately rectify your track's integrity.

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Increased Predictability

Our cutting-edge system employs on-site data collection and analytics to precisely measure how ground settlement, nearby excavations, or fluctuations in rail temperature are impacting the integrity of your track infrastructure. By measuring, analyzing, and reporting trends in track deformations, we empower you to make proactive decisions that enhance safety and minimize maintenance. 

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"Our mission is to create value for our customers by understanding their needs, developing creative solutions, and safely executing the vision."

360 Rail Services provides comprehensive engineering solutions to develop tailored project solutions.

  • Comprehensive project engineering.
  • Turnkey design-build facility solutions.
  • Value engineering for cost and time savings.
  • Extensive understanding of railroad standards.

What Will My Project Cost?

We are industry veterans, so we can provide excellent cost estimates, even from the initial project discovery discussions.

Engineering firms that are not familiar with track design and construction tend to gold-plate everything...just in case. A practice that unnecessarily adds scope and costs to a project.

360 Rail has the knowledge and expertise to determine what's necessary and what isn’t and, we typically incorporate cost-saving alternatives to be considered.

360 Railroad Project

We Surpassed Expectations On These Railway Projects

The 360 Rail Services expert team delivers outstanding solutions and provides value to every project.

Railroad Landslide Scan

Railroad Landslide Scan

The 360 Rail Services Geospatial business unit helped provide valuable terrain data in a time of crisis for a Class 1 railroad in the Northwestern United States.

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Crude Oil Transloading Facility

Crude Oil Transloading Facility

Our experienced engineers and construction team overcame space limitations to create this facility capable of supporting an entire unit train in Alliance, NE.

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Cheyenne Logistics Park

Cheyenne Logistics Park

360 Rail Services' expert team helped to accelerate the construction schedule of this New Orleans facility from 18 months to 8 months.

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