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360 Rail Services provides our customers with the best value in the industry by incorporating the latest technology into our processes. We're continuously improving our services, pricing, and timelines by refining achievable goals, increasing efficiencies, and maximizing output.

Technology We Use 

360 Rail Services AI-Based Track Inspection

AI-Based Track Inspection

We've worked with industry partners to develop artificial intelligence that uses years of data and tens of thousands of images to identify and locate defects in the track. This technology eliminates human error from inspections, cuts down on inspection time, and improves the quality of track reports for our customers.

360 Rail Services Drone Technology

Drone Technology

360 Rail Services has been at the forefront of drones in railroading. The unique advantages of drones allow our team to quickly and safely collect information on a wide range of track conditions, including defect detection, topographic survey, orthophotography, and emergency evaluation.

360 Rail Services LiDAR Scanning

LiDAR Scanning

One of the best decisions you can make at the start of any construction project is to perform a LiDAR scan of the site. The accuracy and density of the data we collect using this unique method of laser scanning is a consistent boon to engineering and construction efforts.

360 Rail Services Photogrammetric Modeling

Photogrammetric Modeling

Having a 3D model to reference in any site design or simulation model can be extraordinarily helpful. This cost-effective mapping method can provide rich data for on-site conditions and constraints for repeated use in various civil development efforts.

360 Rail Services Simulation Models

Simulation Models

Our simulation models allow you to gain three-dimension insight into your operation, where it can be improved, and by how much. Find the lost revenue in your facility!

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"Our mission is to create value for our customers by understanding their needs, developing creative solutions, and safely executing the vision."

360 Rail Services provides the best value in the industry with cutting-edge technology.

  • AI-Based Track Inspection to identify and locate track defects
  • Drone Technology to safely collect information on track conditions
  • LiDAR Scanning of sites for accuracy and density of data
  • Photogrammetric Modeling to gain insight into civil development efforts
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A Team of Innovators

We have a deep pool of professional railroad talent; we employ team members with Master's Degrees in Structural Engineering, Master's Degrees in Civil Engineering and who are experts in Project Management. Many of our employees also have strong experience in working on Class One rail systems.

Combining these technical and tertiary qualifications with our many years of experience in the railroad industry is an incredible advantage for our company and clients. We have the expertise and the drive to seek out innovative solutions, and to deploy the latest technology to help you achieve your goals.

360 Rail Service Team Members

We Surpassed Expectations On These Railway Projects

The 360 Rail Services expert team delivers outstanding solutions and provides value to every project.

Oil Terminal Simulation Model-1
Oil Terminal Simulation Model

360 Rail Services Simulation Modeling team provided a major oil and gas logistics company with a model of their terminal in North Dakota to provide valuable insight.

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Cheyenne Logistics Park
Cheyenne Logistics Park

360 Rail Services coordinated with state, municipal, military and railway stakeholders on this project.

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Grain Transloading Facility-1
Grain Transloading Facility

Our experienced engineers and construction team were able to overcome space limitations to create this facility capable of supporting an entire unit train in Alliance, NE.

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