360 Rail Services’ operations team is qualified to handle all manner of rail operations tasks including:

  • Rail car loading and unloading
  • Transloading
  • Railcar inspections
  • Yard operations
  • Switching

Our operations team consists of individuals who are highly experienced and trained in the operation of locomotives and the handling of rail cars, and in dealing with major railroad companies. You’ll always have a clear picture of your operation with our detailed daily reports, site maintenance, and railcar inspections. Additionally, our operations professionals are highly mobile and flexible, and are able to service jobs of all sizes for short or long-term periods. Because 360 Rail Services is a full-service rail services company, we have a big picture understanding of how different aspects of the rail industry will affect your operation and how we can assist in providing you with the best outcome possible.


360 Rail Services can help to optimize your rail operations, costs, and outcomes. Our logistics services include:

  • Car tracking
  • Cost and efficiency optimization
  • Rail shipping economics
  • Rail fleet administration