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360 Rail Services offers the best minds and the most skilled hands to
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Our Powerful Geospatial Scan Data

From the most basic track maintenance to the design and construction of expansive logistics terminals and everything in between, 360 Rail Services provides for every railroad need.

See the geospatial scan library below, which we have successfully delivered for our clients:

360 Rail Services Texas Railroad Corridor

Texas Railroad Corridor

This scan sample covers a stretch of Class 1 Railroad in southeast Texas. Take note of our ability to capture and render track structures, signal structures, wirelines, roadways, and more with incredible resolution and accuracy!

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360 Rail Services Wireline Corridor

Wireline Corridor

This scan sample covers a portion of transmission lines in the southeastern United States. Our scanner captured exceptional point data on wirelines and transmission towers throughout the corridor. Vegetation is easily identified and classified for encroachment monitoring.

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360 Rail Services Railroad Museum

Railroad Museum

There’s something for everyone at this busy site. Whether you’re looking for building features, vegetation, railroad structures, or terrain features, you can enjoy this high-density scan of a railroad museum in Colorado.

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